The Proposal

We're engaged!! Daniel proposed to me in Eagle Nest, New Mexico on the last day of our week long vacation, February 20, 2009.

We started the day by chopping wood outside of Daniel's grandparents cabin. I had never chopped wood before so it was pretty pathetic watching me miss the wood completely. After we were done, I made sandwiches for lunch and we packed a small picnic to eat after a hike up to the lookout point of the Idlewild community.

When we got to the top, the weather was so warm that we ate our sandwiches and then relaxed on the rocky cliffs overlooking the valley. After our break, we headed down the opposite side of the mountain. The side was steep enough that I mostly slipped and tripped the entire way down. Daniel even had to find me a walking stick to help me get down without falling.

At the base of the mountain, we walked on a small road that led to a little outdoor chapel. When we got there Daniel was acting really strange but I knew that this was a special place to him that he didn't share with everyone, so I could understand why he would be edgy.

Finally after a few side comments he got to one knee and proposed. I was so shocked, I didn't even say yes. He had to ask me again before I really understood what had just happened. And then, since the ring wasn't quite ready, he asked that the turquoise ring he had bought me earlier that week would act as a temporary until my ring was completed. Of course, it was on my right hand and got stuck as I tried to take it off, and then when I gave it to him, Daniel didn't know what finger to put it back on!!

It was perfect in an imperfect way. I was shocked, Daniel was fumbling with his words, but we we're both ecstatic.

Our Wedding

We will be getting married at the Mayme Mar Memorial Chapel in Idlewild, New Mexico. This is the chapel where Daniel proposed and is very special to both of us.

The ceremony will be on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 at 3 p.m. with a reception to follow in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Wedding Party

Matron of Honor: Mrs. Hedy Melton
Bridesmaid: Ms. Jennifer Wood
Bridesmaid: Ms. Paige Gable

Best Man: Mr. Ross Freauf
Groomsman: Mr. Jeff Kauffman
Groomsman: Mr. Matthew Halstead
Groomsman: Mr. James Byrd

Family of the Bride:
Parents: Mr. Roger and Mrs. Rana Lambdin
Siblings: Mr. Grant and Mrs. Candice Lambdin
Siblings: Blake Lambdin
Grandparents: Mrs. Betty Miller

Family of the Groom:
Parents: Mr. Malcolm and Mrs. Amy Gable

Sibling: Ms. Paige Gable
Grandparents: Mr. Keith and Mrs. Martha Couch

Officiant: Mr. Keith Couch


The Reception will take place at The Snowball Lodge immediately following the ceremony and pictures.
59 Valley Road, Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710